Kurwa Fatality Brutal Blueberry

Kurwa Fatality Blueberry

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  • 21 Nicotine bag
  • Blueberry flavor
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Kurwa Fatality Blueberry Snus in delicious blueberry flavor is the best selling product in the Kurwa Fatality collection. The Nicotine Pouches are offered in 3 nicotine strengths and are therefore suitable for occasional users as well as professionals.

The Kurwa snus contain a medium moisture which causes a constant increasing nicotine and flavor release. After about 5 minutes the highest nicotine release is reached.

Kurwa Snus has the largest product portfolio in the entire snus market with 22 fancy and delicious flavors in 3 nicotine strengths.

Each tin contains 21 slim format nicotine pouches.

Note: The 50 mg/g variant is not suitable for beginners or beginners due to the high nicotine strength!